Birdies for Children KLS Charity Event – You Have a Chance to Win a Car!

Birdies for Children KLS Charity Event

Dear KLS Community,

We hope you are having a great start in the New Year!

We have some important and exciting news to share with you. We have awarded a $36,456 grant to Dr. Emmanuel Mignot of Stanford University for research on “GWAS and Exome Sequencing in KLS.” This grant will be used to support studies including the further genotyping of individuals with KLS to confirm and extend initial lab findings. Another goal of the grant is a study to sequence the DNA of select KLS families. To learn more about the research, click here:

We have also recently funded a $19,300 grant for Professor Arnulf’s research for “Multimodal MRI in Kleine Levin Syndrome.” Professor Arnulf has cared for over 100 KLS patients.

To see a list of all research we have supported, click here:

In order to continue to award these important grants, we need to raise funds for our research efforts.

We are currently participating in the Birdies for Children Golf Charity Fundraising event. For a donation of just $20, you can enter for a chance to win a brand new 2016 Honda car! For every dollar contributed in the name of KLS, Birdies for Children will give the KLS Foundation an additional 10%. The top 10 fundraising charities are rewarded with an expo tent for a day. Having an expo tent will give us the opportunity to educate the public about KLS and further our efforts to raise funds for research.  We are currently in 19thplace. With your help, we know we can reach the top 10.  To do this we need only 500 people to donate $20.   If you would like to donate, click here:

Please share the following link with your family and friends to spread the word:

Let’s get ourselves an expo tent for KLS!

If you have any questions, contact us anytime. We are here to offer our support!

Kind Regards,

KLS Foundation

Written by KLS Foundation

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