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  1. Reza Alaghehband

    So I have a theory. I believe I found a promising cause for KLS. I have a strong suspicion that it is an autoimmune disorder which damages neural receptors of orexin. This explains its onset after a flu like disease, and the symptoms.

    Thought someone more qualified should pursue the lead.

  2. Dr Alice Thevenot

    There are actually a lot of arguments to describe KLS as an auto-immune disorder (onset with flu or vaccination, necropsy, nature of effective treatment during crisis, …). But I will not suggest orexin/hypocretin as the etiology, the disease linked with orexin and autoimmunity is well known (thanks to Pr Mignot) it’s narcolepsy, an other form of hypersomnia, but more common than KLS.

  3. joe angelillo

    i am a retire 57 year old white male and i suffer from KLS. the medical field here in the philippine’s is inadeqieate and can not diagnoise properly. what medication can i use here.

  4. Randi Jablin

    There are some reports that Lithium may help. Good luck. Also, have your Vitamin D levels checked. If they’re low, add a supplement.

  5. How do you get tested for KLS, or find out if you have this???????