On Sunday, June 24th, I was travelling back from the KLS Conference to the UK on WOW airlines via Iceland. I was wearing my KLS T Shirt, reflecting on the inspirational stories of KLS families and the work of the dedicated researchers from around the world including Dr. Guy Leschziner from the UK. One of the lovely air stewards was sitting opposite me for take off and said to me “my sister has KLS!” I was stunned by the coincidence. WOW!

Sandra is the only person with KLS in Iceland. She has had KLS for 10 years and her last episode was 3 weeks in August 2017. She now has a baby and is looking forward to getting married next summer. She also works full time as a nursing assistant taking bloods. She says”life has never been better”. Although Sandra has never met anyone else with KLS she has been able to talk to Alanna Wong and others through the KLS Facebook group.

We wish her continued good health and happiness and thank her for allowing her story to be shared and for agreeing to take part in the Stanford research into KLS.

-Caron Krieger, KLSF BOD Member

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