About Us

Our Mission

The KLS Foundation provides information and support to those diagnosed with KLS and their families. The Foundation exchanges information with patients and the medical community to help in the diagnosis and care of those affected by KLS, and supports research programs. Our goals are to raise awareness, support scientific research, to find effective treatment and ultimately find a cure for Kleine-Levin Syndrome.

Origin of the KLS Foundation

The website was first developed in 1998 by Cindy and Dick Maier and their son, Stephen, who has KLS. It began as a way for the family to find just one other person with KLS and evolved into a way to support families and individuals with KLS when they discovered hundreds of other people affected by KLS.

In 1999, they formed the Kleine-Levin Syndrome Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization, to help others with KLS and eventually determine the cause and cure for KLS.

KLS Foundation

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