Advisory Board

Meet the KLS Foundation Advisory Board

Neal Farber, PhD – Research coordinator

Neal is a molecular biologist and has over 25 years experience in the biotech industry in research, product development and company building. Neal is currently CEO of NeuroHealing Pharmaceuticals, whose mission is to improve the neurorehabilitation process and functional outcome for patients who have suffered brain injuries. Neal was a Helen Hay Whitney Research Fellow at Harvard University, received his PhD (Hammett Award) from Columbia University and a BSc in Chemistry and Biochemistry from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Email:

Donna White, Mother of Ryan McKinney

Donna’s son Ryan was misdiagnosed for a period of over seven years. As a result of medication prescribed before he received a diagnosis of KLS,  Ryan suffered a heart attack and died on February 17, 2006. Ryan’s death sparked Donna’s mission to raise the level of KLS awareness in hopes that other children would not continue to suffer from this devastating disorder. In 2007, the first annual “Walking for Ryan Festival” was held in South Carolina and raised nearly $10,000 for KLS research. Donna is an English as a second language instructor/Bilingual Spanish Translator for the Lancaster County School District and Founder of the South Carolina Chapter of Kleine Levin Syndrome at Lancaster, SC. Email:

Gaylene Grossman, RN, BSN, CNOR

Gaylene is a Registered Nurse and the Mother of Brian Sabul who had his first episode in April of 2006.  It is because of the Foundation’s presence that Brian was diagnosed within weeks of his illness which is a testament to the need for the awareness and outreach that the KLS Foundation promotes.  Gaylene has partnered with Board of Directors member Lori Haller to present KLS information to Pediatric, Neurology, Psychiatrics and Sleep Disorder Specialists at major medical centers. Email:

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