GenomestudyarticleThe following articles, from the Broad Institute at Harvard, provide a respectable explanation for KLS research being done by Dr. Mignot and collaborators at Stanford University. The articles give a general account of the Genome-wide Association studies (GWAS). These articles are a great read which will give you an idea of the fascinating work ahead! Read the following articles by clicking on the links.

Click on the following link to learn what a the Genome-wide Association Study is:

“Explainer: Genome-Wide Association Studies”

The following is a snippet of the article below: “Unlike the mutations leading to “Mendelian” diseases, no single common disease SNP is sufficient to cause disease on its own; each contributes to disease risk along with dozens or even hundreds of other genetic risk factors and environmental contributors.”

Click on the following link to see where the research of GWAS is headed.

“After a Decade of GWAS, A New Phase of Discovery Pushes On” 

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