Hall of Fame

KLS Donation Hall of Fame

The Kleine-Levin Syndrome Foundation is grateful to all its supporters for their generosity. Your contributions have enabled the KLS Foundation to provide information and support to those suffering from KLS, as well as to provide vital funding for KLS research. With your help the KLS Foundation continues raising awareness about KLS and exchanging information with the medical community to determine the cause of KLS while working toward finding a cure to this life-altering disorder.

Visit our Donations page to help find a cure for KLS.

We extend a most sincere thank you to all of our contributors.

FOUNDERS $25,000+

Elkind, James S. & Rachel Goldstein
Hamermesh Family Charitable Foundation

GUARDIANS $20,000+

Ryan McKinney Memorial Fund
Steve Farber Fund


Dibner, Brent and Rachel
Erber, Helga
Farber, Neal and Varda
Farber, Nettie
Maier, Katherine
Maier, Richard and Lucinda
Reid, Neil

PATRONS $5000+

Anonymous (3)
CRA International, Inc.
Fischer, David and Nancy Moy
Fischer, Libby and Nancy
Garfield, Milt and Adrienne
Katzen, Amelia and Josh
Milikowsky, Nathan and Rebecca
Swartz, Herman and Judith
Weinstein, Clare Villari

LEADERS $2,500+

Delfavero, Nina M. and Eugene F.
Farber, Barry
Farber, Dani I. and Danielle
Frampton, John & Judith
Freishtat Family
Haller, Erich and Lucy
Jacobs, Frederic and Susan
John and Amy Bowles Lawrence Foundation
Maier, Stephen & Patricia
Metson, Ralph and Taren J.
Nelson, Sheila
Offit, Andrew S & Suzanne Altman
Saccone, John & Robin
The Gingerbread Construction Co.
Wong, Randy, Diane & Alanna


Albert, Rachel F. 1998 Trust
Almar Realty, LLC
Anzalone, Mark and Paula
Baum, Denise & Ruby
Bohnen Family Fund
Broe, Patrick
Claus, Jim and Kathy
Colicchio, Thomas and Lori Silverbush
Devirgilio, John and Beverly
Frances K. Dibner Trust Fund
Goldbert, Israel and Matilda
Goldenberg, Richard and Janet M. Zipin
Gronner, John
Gurkoff, Jon
Hester, Larry
Kurzweil, Lynne and Lanny
Leffell, Marlene and Jonathan
Lerner, Joel and Bernice
Lonning, Stephen & Josephine
Menahem, Samuel (Ph.D.) & Susan
Meyer, Betty and Rob
Patkin, Kenneth L and Donna Hahn
Penney Family Trust
Penney, Jan M.
Penney, Joe and Christine
Penney, John
Ruda, Harry W. and Jessica
Simonneau, Francoise and Emannuel
Solomon Schechter Day School
Stimac, John
Vanderlinden, Nicolas
Wallach, Robert and Judith


American Concrete Cutting, Inc.
Antuzzi, Joe & Marianne
Argyropoulos, Lisa Mulligan
Aronofsky, Theresa and Bernard
Barter, John and Betsy Hecker
Bellerive, Inc.
Blum, Betty Ann
Brandano Plumbing & Heating
Brewer, M. Lynn
Broder, Steven and Amy
Burnett, Caroline
Carpet Connection
Chavurat Tikvah/Tzedakah Committee
Citron, David & Louise
Collins, Cynthia A. and Charles S.
Cooke, Richard and Marie
Coppola, John and Megan
Daly, Kevin M. and Kathleen M.
Dezine Specialties, LLC
Dolan, Maria and Kevin
Donoff,  R. Bruce and Madelyn B.
Donovan, Timothy J. and Sharon A.
Dubitzky, Jonathan and Anne
Erber, Aliza
Federico, Robert and Sandra
Flanagan-Chomko, Noreen
Gales, Jeff
Garber, Roselyn
Giannelli, Eleanor B.
Goldberg Schwartz, Pamela and James
Goldwasser, Ralph & Noreen
Greenberg, Gaylene.
Greenspoon, Warren
Haggard, Andrew
Halcyon Ventures LP
Harris, Claudia
J. Pace and Son, Inc.
Kadish, Sidney P. and Helen J.
Karger, Barry L. and Trudy
Kavod Fellowship Program
Kelleman, Matthew
Laborers Intl.Union of North America
Leifer, Alan and Marcia
Leventhal, Mark and Donna
Lorain Funding, Ltd., Inc.
Lyons, Lisa M. and John J. III
Nelson, Karen
Nigro, Jean Ann
O’Halloran, Laurie A. and Kevin S.
Oliver, Stephen
O’Quinn, Jack and Mary M.
Pappa, Thomas A.
Penbrag Realty LLC
Penney Electrical Corporation
Pockette, Ginger
R.J.  Gold & Company, P.C.
Railway Distributing, Inc.
Rand, Arlene and Lawrence
Raskin, Peter
Regan, Lina M. and Edward J.
Rekuc, Tim & Treacy
Resnek, Frank and Barbara
Richler, Diane and Martin
Sardis, Howard and Laura
Scarpa, Thomas A. and Lisa D.
Shannon, Joseph P.
Shipps, Gerald and Lori
Silverbush, Jeffery and Andrea Swenson
Sims, Rachel
Slate, Dr. Richard L. and Nancy
Smisko, Joe
Spack, MD, Norman P.
Steinberg, Carol L. and Peter E. Yaffe
T. G. Construction & Engineering Co.
Tansino, Paul J. and Nancy
Temple Emanuel Special Fund
Thain, James F.
Waters, Chris
Wein, Lawrence
Winshall, Walter A. and Arnee
Yerxa, Patricia L.
Zavarelli, Ralph

DONORS $250+

Abbott, Michae J.  and Kerry D.
Ahern, Robert Jr.,  Eileen C.
Aliphas, Amnon and Perla
Allen, Sarah D. and Everett
Aronson, Frank and Paula
Ball, Richard A.
Barry, Corine J. and Michael D.
Benjamin, Barry J. and Susan M.
Bland, Gwen
Bloom, Warren I. and Pamela
Bonnheim, Ana Benay and Beverly G. Bonnhe
Bowen, Cara
Brown, Scott and Nancy
Cann, Brian A. and Karen C.
Carabello, Jeanne M. and Joseph N.
Chavurat Tikvah of the Sound Shore Commun
Chiel, Judy and Jonathan
Chirichiello, Anthony J. and Janet A.
Chomko, Paul R.
Cooke, Lynda J. and Michael A.
Coppola, Denise and Patrick
Davis, Andrew W. and Gayle R.
Desisto, Louis G.
Devirgilio, Anthony
Elkin, Joshua and Judy
Farber, Alissa J. and Dan Restuccia
Farber, Murray and Francine
Fedele, Rosalie S.
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Fink, Lynda C. and Maury E. Lederman
Finn, Peter and Nancy
Fisch, Joseph J.
Flynn, William and Linda
Folley, John & Ruth
Folsom, Gregory and Deborah Fedele
Fremont Hills Stables, Inc.
Friedberg, Henry and Ilana
Friedman, Sanford and Elyse
Gallagher, Paul W. and Lisa M.
Gamzu, Elkan R. and S. Zelda
Glickman, David and Rose Ellen
Gold, Susan K. and Bruce A.
Goldberg, Mr. and Mrs.  Edward A.
Goldstein, Jay
Grodin, Michael Alan M.D. and Nancy Nozic
Halpin, Douglas
Harris A. Berman and Ruth Nemzoff Family
Hayton, Joshua
Heinemann, Steven D.
Hodge, Griff
Hoffman, Kenneth B. and Roberta F.
Hoffstein, Richard A. and Beverly W.
HUB Automotive Rebuilders
Hunewill, John
Jacobson, Ronda M. and Joshua R.
Kaplan, Leslie Mann
Katz, Dana J. and Ariela
Keating, Elizabeth F.
Kelly, James and Cindy
Krichman, Marvin L.
Kurzweil, Rebecca
Lebba, Raffaele and Antonietta
Leipzig, Bernard D. and Nancy J.
Lipton, Doug
Lopkin, Carl and Naomi
Lowenstein, Arnold J. and Valerie L.
MacDonald Stacey E. and James E.
MacNeill, Shelly Ann and Robert W.
Maganzini, Lucinda and Lawrence M.
Marcus, Shelly R.
Maya, Jakob and Miriam P. Halperin-Maya
McKinnon, William H. and Mary Lou
McQuaid, Richard and Gail
Meissel, Phyllis
Meyer, Chana and Steven
Monson, Cynthia and Philip
Mulligan, Diane K. and Christopher
Murphy, Jacquelyn and Stephen
Musicant, Myra and Howard E. Cohen
Neugeboren, Howard and Mindy
Oakes Public School
Ohayon, Michel
Orren, Merle M. and Gary R.
Paonessa, Leslie and Kevin
Pecci, Robert G. and Joanne M.
Penney, Walter and Catherine
Pesaturo, Donna M. and Jerome J.
Poses, Russell and Amanda
Priebatsch, Suzanne G. Norman E.
Rago, Frank R. and Jeanne L.
Richmond,  Virginia
Richmond, Tim & Kay
Rolli, Joseph and Kathleen
Safran, Arthur & Barbara Skydell
Sasson, Lewis A.
Sasson, Stephen J.
Savitt, Susan E.
Shannon, Simon
Sicuso, John J. and Constance D.
Simkin, Deborah M.
Smith, Colin
Sprecher, Leo T. and Karin J.
Staffiere, Ann Marie and Donald R.
Starikov, Fred
Stockbridge, Ellen and David
Swink, J. Paul
Tepper, Ruth and Jonathan
Thies, Tim and Tammy
Thistle Safe and Lock Co., Inc.
Tiberi, Mirella and Domenico Federico
Toussaint, Raymond C. and Nancy A.
Tufts, Ann C.
Vitale, Domenico and Carmela
Weis, Martha G. and George J. Podgorski
Whittaker, Gregory R. and Penelope
Yoshizumi, Galen and Joyce
Zuccola, Susan and Joseph


Abrahamson, Martin J. and Sharon Z.
Albiani, James and Beverly Jill
Alexander, Thomas and Virginia
Aliberti, Vince and Debi
Allen, Judith E.
Alonzo, Sue
Angelosanto, William and Charlene
Appraisers, Inc.
Arian, Merri and Avram
Armato, Stephen and Karen
Arsenault DMD, Peter
Aufiero, Peter J. and Paula
Auriemma, Ronald R. and Michele T.
Babchuck , Smadar S.
Baker, Joanne
Balou, Lynn
Baum, Danielle
Baumrucker, Jeffrey
Bazant, Jordan and Catherine
Bellew, Robert and Jody
Belmonte, Michael A. and Mary T.
Berkovits, Barouh and Channah
Bernstein, Janice Weiss
Bernstein, Natalie S.
Bhandari, Raj
Bird, Kristin L.
Birnbaum DDS, Nathan S.
Block, Rebecca E.
Bloom, Arthur and Barbara
Bonnheim, Ana and Asher Knight
Boston Commonwealth Real Estate
Bray, Michael & Margaret
Brewer, Linda Vasquez
Briere, Pauline M.
Brown, Darrell & Anne
Brucker, Rick and Marianne
Bryan, Ray
Butkovich, Cindy A
Cahill, Edward and Bette
Calo, Edward J. and Elisa M.
Canova, Stephen and Maureen
Cappuccio, Lisalana
Cassesso, Mary and Peter L. Miller
Cassidy, Ellen M
Cataldo, Nunzio A. and Alice A.
Catanzaro, R. R. and P. M.
Cesar, Larry & Joanne
Chapman, James and Mildred
Chase, Jessica B. and Peter E. Awezec
Chomko, Noreen F.
Choy, Lisa S. & Kirby Bartlett
Christensen, Robert K. and Francine M.
Citron, Eric F.
Ciulla, Eleanor Haley and Anthony T.
Claussen, Pat
Clemente, Diane and Barry
Clinton, Michael and Patricia
Cobb, Melissa
Colby, Marilyn P. and Martin
Columbus, Stephen Attorney At Law
Committee to Elect John F. Depinto
Connelly, Richard P. and Donna M.
Connolly, Christopher and Sonia
Construction Specialties Unlimited, Inc.
Corso Insurance Agency Inc.
Creel, Kay
Crocker, Donald and Betty
Cutone, Richard
Dabuzhsky, Leonid & Esfira
Dailey, Mary Ann
Dalbeck, Bradford E. and Sandra J.
David, Lloyd and Lucia Mayerson-David
Deangelo, Richard and Andrea
Digangi, Steven P. and Michelle
Disanto, Regina A.
Donaghey, John M. and Catherine C.
Dondis, Toby and Barry Farman
Duffin, Kevin and Patricia
Dufour, Michele or Raymond M.
Dunn, Sterling O.
Dunn, William H. and Denise
Edelstein, Alan M.
Eisenberg, Ronni and Amos
Elder, Jan
Elliott, Susie
Ettinger, Leeann and Jeffrey
Falchuk, Nancy & Kenneth
Falcone, Barbara F. and Joseph J.
Fales, Richard and Kathleen A.
Farber, Arielle and Oren
Farber, David
Farley, Candace
Farley, Joe and Leigh Anne
Fedele, Robert L.
Feuerstadt, Ivy D.
Flanagan, Timothy and Lindsey
Fleisig, Glenn
Foley, Patricia A.
Forman, Dr. Jonathan S. and Deborah
Frampton, Stephanie Ann
Freeman Jr., James J. and Deborah
Frizzell, Dan and Linda
Gamel, John and Beth
Garaffo, Thomas and Theresa
Garozzo, Judy and Paul
Gelbtuch, Sam and Madelyn Bronitsky
Germano, Michael A. and Jane
Gess, Julie E.
Giannelli, Paul A.
Gildesgame, Catharyn B. and Mike
Gillers,  Bruce J. and Mina A.
Gilman, Paul and Miriam
Giordano, Robert P. and Mary
Glick, Herbert and Elaine
Gobiel, David and Beverly
Goldish, Louis H. and Josette C.
Gorse Jr., Carol A. and Joseph J.
Grady, Elizabeth
Grasso, Jill A. and Steven J.
Gray, Mervin and Rosalind
Green, Beth Z. and Jeffrey E.
Guglietta, Lisa M. and Mark C.
Guthermann, Howard E. and Deborah M.
Harmon, Pria Elizabeth
Harrington, Marjorie H. and Gerard
Hashemi, Pam
Hausman, Leonard J. and Bonnie S.
Hayton, David and Dianna
Hills, Lisa and Matthew
Horner, Seward & Jennifer
Horowitz, Reena B.
Howe, Rhonda A. and Kenneth J.
Innerfield, Tobi R. and Steven I.
Interbartolo, Charles P. and Dianne M.
Jacobs, Melissa F.
Jaffe, Haskell and Joanne
Jansen, Erik and Gretchen
Jason, Linda and Andrew M. Fischer
Joe Cunningham Remodeling and Const. Inc.
Jordan, Kristen
Kaban, Barbara and Leonard
Kalati, Joseph
Kaplan, Seth
Katz, Gerald B. and Marlene S.
Katzman, Daniel
Kennedy, Kristen W.
Kenny Jr., Robert L.
Kent, Lisa Marie and Philip H.
Kerrigan, Cynthia J. and Michael J.
Kletter, Esther Fine
Knecht, Marty
Kolodner, Anna and Monty Gold
Kolte, Ivan
Kozlowski, Robert and Cheryl
Kranefuss, Jennifer and Tony
Kuhn, Linda
Lagambina, Dominick D. and Marie A.
Langford, Denise
Lanzilli III, Albert L. and Therese
Lapiana, John and Kerry S.
Leavitt, William D. and Jean
Lebow, Judith
LeDonne, Dennis M. and Kim M.
Lee, Jacque
Leeman, MD, David E. and Ramona L. Leeman
LeFave, William and Debra
Leshin, Rosalyn & Michael
Levine, Ethan J.
Levy, Justin M. and Shauna
Lewis, Geoffrey H. and Amy Caplan
Lint, Pat and Dick
Liston, Lisa Marie and James D.
Lombardi, Matther J
Longstaffe, Chris and Caroline
Lynch, Patricia M. and Lorne F. Jr.
Machenry, Gail
Mackay, Fred T. and Jean
Madigan, Eileen J. and Timothy M.
Maharas, Nancy
Mahoney Jr., Joseph E. and Tracy L.
Mahoney, Steven and Carol
Mandell, Frederick and Eileen A.
Manzi, Vincent and Kelley
Marks, Richard A.  Jr. and Kim E.
Marshall, Dayne L. and Jennifer L.
Marszal, Edward and Susan
McCabe, Michael
McCarthy, Geraldine and Scott
McCarthy, Thomas and Kelly
McCormick, Cory
McDermott, John P. and Joan M.
McDevitt, Tracy A. and Brian K.
McLaughlin, M.
McNall, Marie
Meikle, Maureen
Melkonian,Mark T. and Brenda L.
Mello, Kevin J. and Traci A.
Meridor, Noa
Meyers, Jennifer and Pamela Padula
Michetti, G. M.
Miller, L. J. and Annette Furst, MD
Moynihan, Daniel J. Jr.
Mozzicato, Michelle A. and Michael S.
Murphy, Lauren R. and Jan A.
Murphy, Susan M. and Kevin J.
Najjar, John J. and Cheryl A.
Nelson, Donn S. and Helen J.
Newman, Harriet Collier, and Marshall F.
Nguyen, Dave
Nigro, Dennis
Nilsson, Kristina and Dean Rhodes
Niola, Joseph
Novak, Bill and Linda
O’Connell, Kevin and Deborah
O’Halloran, John W. and Jean M.
O’Neil, Sean P. and Amy C.
Orlin, Bonnie M
P. E. Sullivan Carpentry
Pace, Christine M.
Pagliuco, Chris and Patti
Paisner, Daniel E. and Cynthia Kassman
Paley, Ziva and Joseph W.
Paul W. Marks Co., Inc.
Paul’s Carpentry Workshop
Peltz, Andrew E and Jennifer Grossman
Penney, John and Cherylyn
Pfizer Foundation Matching Gift
Phoenix Realty Trust
Pizzi, Richard and Elaine
Plummer, Donna M. and Richard M.
Pomposello, John H. and Angela L.
Poras, Peter F. and Patti A.
Porter, Neil and Charlene
Puglia, Jacqueline and Christopher
Rabinowicz, Ina L.
Radding Alan and Eva R.
Rappa, Roberta
Redner, Sidney and Anita Z.
Reed,  Robert S. and Karen
Regency Jewelry Corporation
Rickard, Sharon
Rimm, Dr. Ilonna J. and Dr. Joseph R. Madsen
Roberts, John J. and Genny C.
Rodenkirchen, Bettina
Rodriguez, Jose and Lora
Rolli, Steven and Rhonda
Roman, Robert and Eileen
Ross, Andrew C. and James L. Ross
Rubin, Zick and Carol
Rufo, Adamo and Carol
Russo III, Lawrence John and Lisa Marie
Sardis, Barry and Patricia Reardon
Schiller, Steve and Lori
SEA-TAC Airport Firefighters
Shannon, Mike & Joyce
Shannon, Paul and Cathy
Shapiro, Robert
Shuchat, Alan and Alix E. Ginsburg
Shulman, Steven M. and Debra Yanofsky
Shuman, Melvin and Robin
Shute, Roger Douglas and Ellen Math-Shute
Sibson, Kylie
Siegel, Marci A. and Scott E.
Silberman, Jeffrey
Silberman, Sandy
Silverbush, Lori
Silverbush, Rhona
Simkin, Daniel A.
Simonelli, Michael and Resa
Sims, Debbie and Rick
Slotnick, Marsha K.
Smith, Michael J. and Suzzane
Smith, Spencer Q
Sober, Arthur J. and Cheryl
Sorabella, Michael P. and Karen A.
Sparco, Peter
Spero, Shirley
Stanieich, Jill M.
Starr, Ellen B.
Stimac, Donna
Stimac, Gregory N. and Jill
Stoneham Pop Warner Football, Inc.
Suffet, Stephen and Marilyn
Sullivan, Kathleen C. Hong and Daniel P.
Summit, Robert and Elsie
Sutorius, Keith G. and Barbara L
Sweet, Karen A.
Szloch, Michael N. and Charlene M.
Tamburrini, James and Doreen
Taub, David J. and Judith A.
Temple Emanu-El – Dallas, TX
Temple Emanuel – Newton, MA
Teperow, Alan R.
Teres, Evelyne and Daniel
Thevenot, Alice
Toddler Times
Toledano, Allan
Toomey Yudysky LLP
Trodella, Vincent
Trowel Inc.
Twin Fence
Udler, Jerry and Joyce Sargon Udler
Vallareli, Frank
Veno, Michael and Valerie
Volino, Vito and Arlene L.
Waldoks,  Anne P.
Weinfeld, Beverly D.
Weinstein, James & Alicia
Weiss, Ron and Jonelle
Wesley, Robert P. and Amy L.
Whelan, Janice D. and Daniel J.
Whooley, Gino and Maryellen
Wolf, David and Maxine Laura
Yaffe, Eric J.
Yellin, John and Paula
Yeuell Nameplate & Label
Yianacopolus, Kevin
Zampitella, Virginia M.
Zar-Kessler, Lorel and Arnold
Zarrow-Nissenbaum, Ellen and Alan J. Nissenbaum
Zelandi, Robert E. and Cara A.
Ziegler, George and Elizabeth
Zimmermann, Gil
Zipper, Stu and Hilary
ASSOCIATES up to $99

Abramovitz, Amy M.
Abreu, Elizabeth
Allen, William Jerry and Roberta
Areniello, Vittorio and Ida
Aronofsky, David and Leah
Azer, Howard & Laurie Kruger-Azer
Baker, Paul K. and Virgianne M.
Bartlec, Scott and Melissa, Lucas and Jac
Bateman, Charleen
Beane, Ronald A. and Patricia A.
Beck, Richard and Wilda
Beckman, Ilene Fruman
Berg, Laura J.
Bertagnolli, Helen and Norman
Betts, Michael and Margaret
Bohling, Paul J.
Borowick, Jeffrey and Karen
Bouchie, Elaine
Brenner, Ruth G.
Bresman, Alice A.
Brian, Jeanne M. and Ronald
Bronder, Knut H.
Brotman, Sally Victor
Brown, Mike
Bruckner, Edward S. and Matilda T.
Buchanan, Mary C
Bulman, Linda H. and John P.
Burk,  Jeannine
Burk, Charles W.
Burton, Jennifer
Caleo, Cathryn L. and Michael V.
Calloway, Charles W.
Camann, William R. and Rhonda
Carino, Frances T.
Chappell, Sandra and Jerry
Charness, Michael E. and Deborah N.
Chiel, Jeanett E. and Samuel
Ciccia, Loren A.
Claims Resource Group
Cobb, Donald and Marsha
Coblenz, William and Randi Cohen
Colbert, Daniel J. and Kathleen M.
Colwell, Michael A. and Kristie L.
Committee to Elect Christine M. Carino
Comstock’s of California, Inc.
Conner, Warren G. & Jamie C.
Conte, Richard
Crocker, Dr. Ken and Magdalene
Crocker, Gloria
Crocker, Sarah
Daniel, Mizraki
Darlington, Bruce
Davis, Max P. or Jonathan H. Davis
Decker, Laura
Depinto, John F.
Derner, Denise and Michael
Devening, Marilyn
Devening, Patricia J. and Michael D.
Dezube, Esther Celia and Bruce Jeffrey MD
Dippolito, Catherine A. and Donald J.
Doherty,  Phil K.
Dolan, Evelyn
Donohoo, Don
Downer, Roger and Joli
Dreeben, Evelyne
Dreifuss, Werner and Norma H.
Druliner, Robert
Dwiggins, Ricky and Carol
Edward W. Cox Inc.
Eitz Chaim Foundation
Elliott, Talia B. and Francis J.
Erlich, Ruth H. and Barry A
Esposito, Eileen
Ettlinger, Roy and Edith
Everett Co-Operative Bank
Federico John and Kathleen
Feldman, Annette R. and Barry J.
Fick, Capt. William F. (Ret.) and Susan K
Fink, Zev and Lea
Fisch, Marta
Fischbein Barbara M.
Fischer, Esther
Fischer, Miriam R.
Fishman, Leslie Weinstein
Fitzgerald, Katherine Z.
Fitzgerald, Vicky L. and William
Flannigan, Keith E. and Dawn M.
Foley, Joseph G. and Doreen G.
Forrest, Bernard J
Fortenbacher, Diana M. and Donald J
Frampton, Garrett
Friedberg, Sandra
Galasso, Paula E.
Gelda, Steven and Linda
Gernigin, James A. and Barbara G.
Gernigin, Matthew D. and Linda
Gernigin, Michael R. and Alice T.
Gill, Michael and Christine
Glinert, Joan E. and Lewis
Goddard, Jean
Goldberg, Robert and Toba
Goldberg, Robyn
Goldstein, Sol and Loretta
Greenberg,  Michael L. and Milagros M.
Grenzeback, Paul and Mary
Grishaver, Judith R.
Grodman, Lawrence K. and Bernice
Grossman, Mary Ellen
Gurkoff, Genna
Haller, George
Hamstra, Susan
Harlow, Alex
Hartline, Adrian
Hillier-Davidson, David
Hillier-Davidson, Jessica
Hindin, Malcolm and Judith
Hochstadt, Barbara
Hoffer, Anita, PhD and Axel Hoffer, MD
Hoffman, Miriam and Abraham
Horn, Scott
Huch, Otto and Rose
Huch, Steve and Tina
Huggins, Laura
Hughes, Melissa
Hungerink, Angela
Hungerink, Sarah
Isaacson Rubinger, Molly-Jane
Isman, Marshall and Vicki
Jackson, Karen
Jackson, Richard S. and Ruth H.
Janes, Roberta and Rhonda Bump
Jenott, Margie
Johnson and Johnson Matching Gifts
Johnson, Catherine
Johnson, Leroy and Sandra
Johnson, Milton
Jones, Frankie, Lucile, Ryan and Alexis
Jones, Landon and Leighie
Josephy, Cydney and Norman
Julian, Gaye
Junko, Lesley
Kaitz, Sally and Nathan
Kane, Kenneth and Margaret
Kaplan, Jeri L. and Morris M.
Katz, Jeffrey E. and Phyllis Cohen
Kaufman, Gail H. and Jeffrey A. Summit
Keenan, Diane S.
Keenan, James P.
Kenworthy, Joanne C. and Eric B.
Killian, Ronald S. and Carol A.
Kimball, George & Peggy
King, Duane or Barbara
Kintz, Anne M.
Kiousis, Dawn Marie
Kislinger, Lara M.
Kreemer, Allen and Heather
Kurzweil, Martin A.
LaCoax, Carol
Lakin, Kyra
Lakin, Phyllis
Langford, Patricia A.
Larsen, Kim
Larsen, Roman
Larsen, Sheila
Leach, Jr., Warren and Alice
Leavitt, Lillian S.
Lechner, Laura A.
Lenson, Jane
Levine, Melvin H. and Carol Trudy
Levy, Marcia
Liben, Deborah R. and Micah M. R.
Lindahl, A. and J.
Link, David A. MD and Margaret S. Ross, MD
Lintner, Kristen
Longstaffe, Kate
Lowenstein, Mark J. and Arlene J
Luby, Mary Kay
Lucia, Vincent and Gabriel Gaudin
Lucido, Candy and Steven
Maimone, James J. and Maria Leon
Maltz, Stacey
Manfra, Donna M & Robert
Manno, Tony
Mansfield, Robert and Toni A.
Marchelletta, Frank W. and Lisa M.
Marcus, Tammy
Marks, Sandy
Marteau, Delphine
Martin, Peter A. and Jessica N.
Martlage, Ken & Nelda
Mays, Katelyn Elizabeth
Mazansky, Harriet and Cyril
Mazzuca, Jr., Pete and Linda
McAlister, Melani
McDaniel, Donald
McHatton, Carol and Richard
Meyers, Warren and Kathlene
Miller, Hannah
Miller, Michael S. & Rachel B.
Moati, Adam Y.
Mohammadi, Ali A. and Rebecca W.
Molina, Ezequiel
Molina, Juanita
Morano, Mark A. and Diane M.
Morin Ricard, Kristian
Mountain Laurel Chamber of Commerce
Myerson, Shoshana and Bob
Naas, Marian
Nahari, Shira
Napoli, Matt and Mary Buchanan
Nates, Scott E.
Nestor, Burton H. and Lillian
Nguyen, Hoa T.
Norton, Laura A. and Paul F.
O’Brien, Judith A.
Osher, Naomi F. and Keith R.
Palermo, Salvatore C.
Palzer, Thomas and Ann
Paynic, George
Paynic, Joe and Jenny
Pellegrino, Frances B.
Phillips, David M.
Post, Chih
Primm, Dianna
Quint, Stanley D. and Helen G.
Reaves, Cameron
Reddy, Stephen and Teresa
Reed,  Paul
Reinking, John M. and Pamela K.
Remz, Adina
Richard J. and Kimberlyn M. Hyclak
Rifkin, Alan and Judy Allen
Risk, Lealand and Laura
Robbins, Peter and Deborah
Robinson, Michael A. and Michelle S.
Rock, Barbara and Thomas
Romani, Marilyn and Leighanne
Rosenman-Hochman, Esther and Richard
Rossman, Stuart T. and Rochelle S.
Russell, Terri Swartz and David P.
Ryan, Jennifer
Sabey, Christine
Sabul, Brian Daniel
Saccone, Jessica
Sanders, Freyda
Scharlin, Lillian
Schatz, Angela and Shira Nahari
Schaust, Becky
Schell, Kristy
Schenck, Dave
Schenck, Michelle
Scherk, Marlene
Schirtzinger, Alexa T.
Schmidt, William and Janice
Schneiderman, Hanita
Sechrist, Marilyn J.
See, Lynn R.
Selhime, Rector and Dianne
Seni, John
Shapero, Beatrice and Norman
Shomshor, Vicki
Shomshor, Victoria
Silverbush, Robert
Silver-Manno, Paula
Slate, Jennifer L.
Sloane, Ruth Ann
Slotnick, Marc A. and Marsha K.
Smith, Gary and Lynne
Sophie, Lynette
Spath, Jolene
Stahl, Deborah
Stephens, Lynette
Stephens, Tessina
Stimac, Chris
Stimac, Matthew and Jennifer
Stimac, Sheri
Suh, Sooyeon (Aly)
Sullivan, Joan
Sweet, Dean and Judith
Tammaro, Michele E.
Tappy, Michael and Lori
Tarmey, John P. and Kelly A.
Tavan, Ethan
Thacher, Donna and Tony
Theriault, Marc D.
Tierney, Stacy and Phillip
Tobey, Herzl
Toporovsky, MD, Juana
Tracey, Brenda
Truppin, Nicola B.
Tuchman, Helene L. and Maurice S.
Turner, Frank and Connie
Turner, Shari
Tyler & Associates Inc.
Upper Valley Jewish Community
Visser, Frank J. and Dorothy
Von Almen, John R. and Barbara A.
Waldoks, Shulamit E.
Walker, Luther and Judith
Walsh, John J. and Gail V.
Weiner, Carolyn and Edwin
Wildman, Vicki & Glen
Williams, Cyril
Wood River Hardware, Inc.
Wooten, Paul, Marjorie and David
Wu, Jordyne & Dan Richards
Wulf,  Anthony and Shirley
Yanes, Marie
Zaucha, Ronald J. and Rose B.
Zomer, Judith and Eliezer

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