klsstealingtimeKleine Levin Syndrome 10K Run 

“For many young people with Kleine Levin Syndrome it feels like time travelling – their last clear memory is being at a certain place doing whatever normal people do and suddenly they wake up somewhere else, they have no idea time has travelled forward and they have missed days, weeks, months or even a year! The rest of the world moves on without them.

You live with the frightful reality that an episode may occur with devastating effects on the adolescent education, the start of their careers, their whole life and their families. KLS robs children and young adults of big chapters of their lives one agonising episode at a time.”

Jake, Helen Renouf‘s son, has Kleine Levin Syndrome – his first episode started in August 2011 and lasted 118 days – since then he has had over 65 episodes varying in length.

10K Run for Lifeboats and KLS … Local Awareness!

The following are Helen Renouf’s touching words: “KLS has made us look at things differently as a family, to make the most of the time we have together and to realize the importance of taking on new challenges and living each day to the full… you never know whether tomorrow will come or if you have missed that opportunity for ever.
In April 2013, I started the journey to find a fitter and slimmer me – between April and December, I managed to lose 5 stone in weight and along the way I was challenged to run 10K – I am not a runner, have never run anywhere … when I started training in December 2013 I could not even run the length of a football pitch…. The Lymington RNLI 10K is a great fundraiser for the RNLI, it is on the South Coast running along the Solent Way and is supported by HM Coastguard Lymington.
Please support me – I want to show that KLS does not stop you reaching your goal, no matter how long the episodes are, how frequent they occur – if you want to achieve something enough you can find a way to make it happen.”
You can support Helen and the KLS cause by clicking on the following link: https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/kls

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