KLS Patients

Eric Haller from Orange County, CA and Alanna Wong of Hawaii (formerly from WA), meet

It was an exciting day on Sunday, April 24, 2011 that was preceded by days of anticipation when two KLS families met face-to-face! The Wongs and the Hallers have been “KLS family members” for approximately six years when they were brought together thanks to the KLS Foundation.

Alanna and Eric have both dealt with the challenges and heartache of KLS for approximately ten years. They have shared the frustrations associated with KLS. They have experienced doctors and specialists who couldn’t’t help them, medical tests that came up negative, hospital stays and the fear of not knowing when, where or how long their next episode would strike. Both have missed many activities and important events of their lives. Alanna and Eric’s mothers have spoken to each other on the phone many times sharing what they have endured and offering support and advice. It was a special and emotional visit when they all finally had an opportunity to meet.

We all have an opportunity to meet others who truly understand what it is like to live with KLS. We look forward to meet many of you and your families at the upcoming KLS CONFERENCE IN SAN FRANCISCO ON AUG 12 -14, 2011.

It will be a remarkable weekend for us all. Come to meet each other and learn about the latest research and techniques for dealing with KLS.

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