Off to a great start!

KLS Foundation ConferenceA full house listened to Drs. Arnulf and Mignot’s research update to start to kick-off the conference on Saturday, August 13, 2011.

The Conference got off to a great start on Friday afternoon with nearly 100 people arriving, checking in and being able to meet face to face for the first time.  Friday night included the first live meeting of the KLS Board of Directors, which was held as an open meeting with a number of conference attendees participating.  The Board voted in a new Member of the Advisory Board, Caron Krieger, who has led the efforts to start a UK Chapter of the Foundation.

Saturday can only be described as an overwhelming success with over 200 attendees.  The day included nine researchers coming together to present findings throughout the day and discuss possibilities with conference attendees late into the evening, as well as a very informative and dynamic presentation by Joseph Feldman from the Community Alliance for Special Education and a very interactive and emotional panel of patients and parents.

The research effort was further bolstered as Tom Rico,  Lin Ling, MD from Stanford University lab and Gaylene Greenberg, RN and KLS BOD member, took blood samples Saturday evening for more than 3 hours from over 100 patients, family member and friends.

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