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Kaitlyn Terrana’s KLS Story

October 9, 2012, Huffington Post

When Ontario teenager Kaitlyn Terrana is having one of her episodes, she can sleep for 20 hours a day, 10 days at a time. That’s because Terrana has Kleine-Levin Syndrome. See her article here.

KLS – Article ABC news   Feb. 27, 2012

February 27, 2012, ABCNews.com

When Eric Haller gets sick and goes into an “episode” — about eight to 10 times a year — he slips into a dreamlike state and is unable to do simple cognitive tasks, like reading, adding up numbers or comprehending his favorite TV shows. See article here.

I missed Christmas and my birthday when I fell asleep for six months

November 15, 2011, by Lauren Taylor, Daily Mirror 15/11/2011

It should have been the best time of her life, starting college, making new
friends and hanging out with her gorgeous new boyfriend. But this time last
year, when Bethany-Rose Goodier went to bed and fell asleep, she didn’t wake up
the next day. Or the day after that. See article here.


January 31, 2010, News of the World

Pretty Louisa Ball is known to her family and friends as Sleeping Beauty… but there the fairytale ends. See article here.

She lives “Your worst nightmare times 10”

December 25, 2008, West Seattle Herald; By Allison Espiritu

Consider falling asleep one night knowing you’re only 17 years old, but when you wake up, you’re two years older.  To the average person this may be unimaginable, but for Alanna Wong, a former upcoming tennis star at West Seattle High School, it’s a nightmare turned reality.  Alanna has spent almost nine years with a disorder that has plagued her once normal life and left years of her young existence a mystery. See article here.

KLS Featured on Discovery Health Channel on Monday, July 28th

September 9, 2008

Discovery Health Channel’s “Mystery ER” is presenting a program on KLS on Monday, July 28th at 5 p.m., 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. (eastern time).  The show will feature Adam and the trials and tribulations his parents, Cindy and Paul endured in finding a diagnosis for their son.  Please check your local listings to confirm the time it will air in your area.

Penney fights through illness to play at SHS

March 26, 2008, The Stoneham Independent, March 26, 2008

Imagine that you’re in the prime of your high school life and the picture of health: a talented hockey player and athlete, a hard-working student and someone well-liked and respected by your peers and your teachers. See article here.

KLS: A rare syndrome for which there is no known cure is affecting Ashkenazi families

November 14, 2007, San Diego Jewish World, November 14, 2007

Rip Van Winkle Disease

August 15, 2007, DISCOVER MAGAZINE Science, Technology and the Future

The disease sounds as if it came straight out of Grimms’ fairy tales. Teens fall into a slumber, dozing weeks or even months at a stretch. Marathon sleeping spells come and go, cropping up intermittently for roughly a decade. Then, symptoms vanish as mysteriously as they first appeared. See article here.

Newton Rallies Around Family Stricken with Rare Condition

March 29, 2007, The Jewish Advocate

Nightmare of the girl who can’t wake up for a week

February 26, 2007, Daily Mail (UK)

She is known to friends and family as the Sleeping Beauty, but Nathalie Hoyland’s life is no fairy tale. See article here.

Sleeping Beauty Syndrome

November 28, 2006, Inside Edition.

“Imagine being so exhausted, so overwhelmed, that you could sleep almost non stop for weeks, or even maybe months.” See video below featuring Kristie Brown and the Farber’s.

KLS Report on Inside Edition

Syndrome Can Keep People Asleep for Weeks

November 7, 2006, Local 6 – Orlando, Florida (WKMG TV)

A rare syndrome that typically strikes during adolescence can keep sufferers asleep for days, sometime as many as 14 days, according to a Local 6 News report. See article here.

Weekly Reader/Altered State

October 20, 2006, Current Science

The abnormal hunger and sleep patterns of people with KLS suggest to Mignot that two areas of the brain–the thalamus and hypothalamus—are affected by the disorder. See article here.

Sleeping Away Their Youth

October 13, 2006, Cleveland Jewish News

Arielle and Dani Farber both suffer with KLS. There is currently no treatment or cure. Jews may have proclivity for Kleine-Levin Syndrome, a rare neurological disorder. See article here.

Rare Illness Makes Some Reluctant Sleeping Beauties

September 20, 2006, CBS Chicago Affiliate

Lancaster Mother Glad to see More Focus on Rare Disorder

September 10, 2006, The Lancaster News

Donna White wants to spread awareness about the illness that changed her son’s life seven months prior to his death. See article here.

Medical Mystery: Sleeping Beauty Disorder

July 26, 2006, ABC News – Prime Time Medical Mysteries

An ABC television show on KLS with the Farber and Delein families. Kleine-Levin Syndrome sufferers feel a consistent urge to sleep. See video here.

Mother Hopes to Raise Awarness about Rare Disorder after Son’s Death

April 21, 2006, Lancaster News

Article in the Lancaster News regarding KLS and Ryan White, who died of a heart disorder. See article here.

The sleeping years

March 4, 2006, Orange County Register

A rare disorder keeps a Placentia teen in bed 20 hours a day, weeks at a time. See article here.

Kleine Levin Syndrome featured on CNN

December 29, 2005, CNN

Kleine Levin Syndrome (KLS) was featured on the nationally televised CNN show “Paula Zahn Now” and on CNN Headline News on December 29, 2005.  The segment featured Eric, a very brave 15 year old, as he struggles with KLS.  In addition,
the segment featured Dr. Mignot fromStanford University who stated that he is interested in researching possible genetic factors associated with KLS.  He further said that more research is needed to determine a definite cause for Kleine-Levin Syndrome. See article here.

Television show on KLS

April 19, 2001, CBS 48 Hours

Television Show on KLS

March 14, 2001, The Montel Williams Show

I Fell Asleep for 5 Months

November 27, 2000, Woman Magazine

Woman Magazine, London England

Television show on KLS

November 4, 2000, Northwest Afternoon Live, ABC Affiliate KOMO, Seattle, WA

The Sleeping Princess

October 17, 2000, NBC Dateline

Sleeping Beauties

October 2, 2000, Inside Edition

The Debra Duncan Show Live

September 6, 2000, Houston ABC affiliate KTRK

Television show dealt with the experiences of Kristie Brown and Stephen Maier with KLS. See video below:

The Woman Who Couldn’t Wake Up

September 1, 2000, Cosmopolitan Magazine

Cosmopolitan Magazine, September 2000 issue. To order a copy contact the Back Issue Dept. 1-800-925-0485

The “Rip Van Winkle” Sleep Disorder

May 11, 2000, Extra

Sleeping Beauty

February 28, 2000, Good Morning America

The KLS story of Claire O’Neill 17

Irish Examiner

This is the story of Claire O’Neill 17, who has pretty typical KLS episodes. Like may KLS sufferers the road to diagnosis was a difficult one. It describes the trails and tribulations of living with KLS very well. However, the reporter did get a few facts incorrectly. KLS does not affect mostly males. That was thought to be the case a while back but it is no longer the case. See article here.


Fox News 3/26/12

KLS discussion on the Dr. OZ show April 19

The Dr. Oz show will focus on sleep disorders on April 19th.  There will be a segment on KLS.  The show airs on different channels and times in different cities.  Please check your local listings or log onto the Dr. Oz website to see when it will air in your city.

CNBC Medical Mysteries

CNBC – The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch

CNBC aired a program on ‘Medical Mysteries’Wednesday, August 9 @ 10pm on The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch. He interviewed Dani and Varda Farber on KLS.

Sleeping Their Lives Away


2001 article from Advance for Sleep.com, regardng Steve Maier and his experience with KLS.

Since the age of 13, Steve Maier occasionally has had fortnight-long episodes where typical daily living all but stops. He sleeps more than double the average person, and a trance-like state greets visitors while he’s ‘awake.’ ‘You lose some of your motor functions, your ability to reason, your inhibitions,’ said Maier, 27, of San Jose, Calif. ‘A lot of things you see don’t seem real.’ See article here.

Eric Haller’s experience with KLS.

Fox Affiliate TV Show, 2006

KLS Foundation

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