KLS Fundraiser

Dani (left) and Arielle Farber (right) finish the race!

More than 4 years after their last episodes of KLS, the Farber siblings tackle the last of the physical and emotional hurdles in their journey to overcome KLS and move beyond the healing process towards full and healthy lives.

On October 31, 2010 Dani Farber successfully realized his long-held dream of running a marathon by finishing the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington DC in excellent time.  That same morning Arielle Farber met her own personal goal by completing the Marine Corps Marathon 10K race with a fabulous sprint towards the finish line.

It’s been a long course since 1995 when both siblings faced their first of many KLS episodes.  There were days when running seemed like an impossible goal, yet with courage and fortitude both brother and sister have finished the race.  They share their stories of success with pride and hope to inspire other young KLS patients to always look forward, always fight to realize dreams, and always remember that there will be a day when KLS is behind all of us.

To help make our shared dream of finding a cure for KLS a reality, please consider making a donation to the KLS Foundation.  The KLS Foundation is the nation’s only nonprofit organization solely dedicated to providing critical awareness, education, support and research funding for KLS.  To donate online click here.

KLS Foundation

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