The following is the diary of Mandy Blerot.

I am 15 and a half, and I have been having KLS episodes since February of 1998. I have had over 10 episodes before they diagnosed me, and now, I have had over 4 other ones. Normally, I am a really happy person, but when I get sick, I am sometimes suicidal, but I know I would never kill myself, even when I am sick. I don’t know why I say that when I am sick, I am really grumpy, especially with my parents. It is just that other person, not me. I have fought this disease with all that I have. I have written a poem about it.

KLS I am going numb, I can’t think the same way.
I’ll soon be sick And sleep night and day.
The feeling is indescribable, It’s like being two people.
One you just want to kill, But the other’s life is full.
I used to be very depressed, Now I am thankful it happens to me
And not someone with cancer, Or a member of my family.
I can’t control what I do, I can’t control what I say.
Another person takes over me But isn’t here to stay.
I am truly blessed with KLS, It’s not a life threatening disease.
It only lasts a matter of days And then I will be at ease.
I don’t ask why this Has to happen to me.
After 2 and a half years I realize This is how it’s going to be.
I now see KLS As something sort of neat.
It’s a difficult challenge, But a challenge that will be beat!

By Mandy Blerot

KLS Foundation

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