New York City Marathon 2006

New York City Marathon 2006

The New York City Marathon is one of the great spectacles in sports, and the theme of this year’s event was: “One Race. 37,000 Stories.” All runners have a story to tell – a story that, amidst 37,000 other stories, is uniquely their own.

Participants were invited to share their stories, and the KLS Foundation was proud to share the heartfelt and moving story of first time marathoner Danielle Friedberg. Like many people close to KLS patients, Danielle felt hopeless watching her friend struggle during a difficult KLS episode and she wanted to help. With the support of the KLS Foundation, Danielle decided to run the 2006 New York City Marathon to raise money for KLS research. She formed the first KLS Racing Team.

As Danielle fought the August heat on her long training runs, she also spread the word around her community that she was going to “Run for KLS Kids.” Her effort inspired friends and family to pledge generous donations, and when race day approached, KLS supporters lined the route to cheer Danielle on. November 5, 2006 turned out to be an exciting and successful day for Danielle and the KLS Foundation: Danielle completed the marathon in 4:16:35 and raised four thousand dollars, surpassing both targeted goals! The KLS Foundation would like to thank Danielle for her inspiring efforts and congratulate her on a remarkable achievement. We hope her story inspires others to “Run for KLS Kids.” Please contact the KLS Foundation if you are interested in joining the KLS Racing Team in 2007.

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