“Poignant Words from Beth”

Beth Goodier who suffers with Kleine-Levin Syndrome (KLS), wrote a heartfelt poem about KLS. Beth lives in Stockport in the UK. Her first horrible episode was in October of 2010.

Early Recognition

Beth went through many tests only to have her Neurologist refer her to a Neuro-Psychiatrist believing her illness to be psychological. But this turned out to be the best possible move they made as the Neuro-Psychiatrist already had one Kleine Levin Syndrome patient and recognized Beth’s symptoms. Unfortunately, KLS has been relentless, and Beth has had to put her life on hold like many KLS sufferers.

In Beth’s Own Words

I have this illness, and it’s not something to make a joke out of!

It is devastating and completely stops your life!

The longest I have slept for is 6 months!

Apart from the sleeping there are also many other horrible symptoms… too many to write on here.

The biggest one for me is the cognitive deterioration, and acting like a 5 year old!

Imagine not knowing what was real or what was a dream, and not knowing who is going to hurt you, not knowing where you are or what you are doing.

There is physical pain and when I am deep in an episode I feel like I am going to die 24/7.

It’s so hard when months of your life disappear and you have no recollection of what has happened! It’s scary!

You lose friends… I had to leave college.

It’s like everyone’s lives are going on around you and you are just stuck in a time warp!

I really truly hope that they find a cure!

KLS Foundation

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