There have been several news stories in the popular press and circulating on the internet about the results of a recent scientific study about hypersomnia sleep disorders.

These include and Time (Health & Family)  

The scientific paper was published November 14, 2012 in the journal Science Translation Medicine by David Rye et al from the Emory University School of Medicine.  The paper describes new and very interesting studies in 32 patients with various hypersomnia sleep disorders.  It provides some evidence for an uncharacterized substance involved in sleep and the treatment of a few patients with the medicine flumazenil.  It should be noted that of the 32 patients studied, only one patient was characterized as having “KLS symptoms.”  The paper is very preliminary and, as often the case, overblown and misinterpreted by the news media.

The KLS Foundation is very aware of these studies and has been in contact the principle investigator David Rye at the SLEEP2012 conference in Boston in June and more recently since the publication of this study.  We have also been in contact with other KLS investigators about these results and the significance for KLS.  This new study will be discussed during the upcoming KLS Workshop being organized by the KLS Support UK group (during the International Pediatric Sleep Association Congress, Feb 5-7, 2012 in Manchester, UK).

The KLS Foundation will continue to discuss the implications of this study with those invested in KLS research.  The results are still early and the significance to KLS is not yet clear.  The medicine mentioned, flumazenil, has been tried in the past in at least two KLS patients during an episode without any benefit.

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