Dani, Wife, and Baby

Lindsay, Husband, and Baby

Lindsay was a teenager suffering from KLS when she attended the first KLS conference in 2011. She was inspired to see KLS Board member Dani Farber in attendance with his wife and infant son, Brody. “Wow,” Lindsay thought when she heard Dani speak about life after KLS, “This really can end.” It was just the encouragement she needed. Lindsay kept in touch with Dani over the years and continued to gain strength and hope as she watched his healthy post-KLS life. Today, Lindsay is also a healthy adult who can safely say KLS is behind her. She decided to attend the 2018 conference in order to pay it forward and offer hope to the teens still in the throes of KLS. And this time, it was Lindsay who attended the conference with her newlywed spouse and baby. Lindsay was an inspiration to many young people at the conference. Lindsay has been episode free for 3 and a half years. There is light at the end of the tunnel!

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